Track: Computational Bioengineering

KU Bioengineering Graduate Program

Master of Science in Bioengineering

Track:  Computational Bioengineering

Track Director: Suzanne Shontz, Ph.D. (

Applies to students entering SP2020 to present (for earlier requirements email

CORE 6 Hours Required
Course NumberCourse Title (Credit Hours)
CPE 756Intro to Bioengineering (3)
BIOE 800Bioengineering Colloquium (.5) (2 total hours req)
BIOE 801Responsible Conduct of Research in Engineering  (1)

DEPTH 9 Hours Required

1. . FUNDAMENTALS COURSE (1 course minimum)

Course NumberCourse Title (Credit Hours)
EECS 639Introduction to Scientific Computing (3)
EECS 730Introduction to Bioinformatics (3)
EECS 731Introduction to Data Science (3)
BINF 701Computational Biology I (5) - cannot count w/ EECS 730

2. ELECTIVE COURSES (1 course minimum)

Course NumberCourse Title (Credit Hours)
BINF 702Computational Biology II (5)
EECS 660Fundamentals of Computer Algorithms (3)
EECS 738Machine Learning (3)
EECS 739Parallel Scientific Computing (3)
EECS 740Digital Image Processing (3)
EECS 837Data Mining (3)
EECS 839Mining Special Data (3)
EECS 868/CPE 778Math Opt w/ Applications or Applied Opt. Methods (3)
ME 751Experimental Methods in Biomechanics (3)
ME 755Computer Simulation in Biomechanics (3)
ME 854Continuum Mechanics for Soft Tissues (3)
ME 861Theory of the Finite Element Method (3)
CE 861Finite Element Methods for Solid Mechanics (3)
AE 746Computational Fluid Dynamics (3)
BIOL 952Introduction to Molecular Modeling (3)
PRVM 868Bioinformatics Driven Clinical Research (3)
BIOS/STAT 730Applied Linear Regression (3)
BIOS/STAT 799Introduction to Statistical Genomics (3)
BIOS/STAT 823Introduction to Programming & Applied Stats in R (3)


These hours are taken under your advisor/committee chair.
RESEARCH6 hours maximum
BIOE 899Independent Investigation (Thesis)

Breadth 9 Hours Required. See Course List.

1. Math; Statistics; Numerical Methods (1 course min)

2. Sciences (1 course min)

3. Advanced Engineering (1 course min)

Minimum Hours Required for Degree: 30

No more than 3 classes may be taken at the 500‐600 level and counted towards the graduate degree.