KU Bioengineering Graduate Program Breadth Course Master List

Math, Statistics & Numerical Methods

Course NumberCourse TitleHoursExtra Info
MATH 590Linear Algebra3 
MATH 596Math in Biomedical Research3New Course
MATH 611Fourier Analysis of Time Series3Spring Biannually
MATH 646Complex Variable and Applications3Fall
MATH 647Applied PDEs3 
MATH 648Calculus of Variations3Spring
MATH 724Combinatorial Mathematics3Fall Biannually
MATH 725Graph Theory3Spring Biannually
MATH 750Stochastic Adaptive Control3Biannually
MATH 765Mathematical Analysis3Fall
MATH 766Mathematical Analysis II3Spring
MATH 790Linear Algebra II3Fall
MATH 791Modern Algebra I3Spring
MATH 865Stochastic Processes I3Spring
PHSX 718Mathematical Methods of
Physical Science
PHSX 721Chaotic Dynamics3Fall Infrequently


Course NumberCourse TitleHoursExtra Info
BIOL 570Introduction to Biostatics3Fall
BIOL 841Biometry I5Fall
BIOS 714Biostatistics - Fund Biostatics I3Fall KUMC Campus
BIOS 717Biostatistics - Fund Biostatics II3Spring KUMC Campus
BIOS 720Biostatistics - Analysis of Variance3Spring KUMC Campus
BIOS 730Biostatistics - Applied Linear Regression3Fall KUMC Campus
BIOS 740Biostatistics - Applied Multivariate Methods3Spring KUMC Campus
BIOS 810Biostatistics - Clinical Trials3Spring KUMC Campus
BIOS 835Biostatistics - Categorical Data Analysis3Fall KUMC Campus
BIOS 840Biostatistics - Linear Regression3Fall KUMC Campus
BIOS 871Biostatistics - Mathematical Statistics3KUMC Campus
BIOS 830Biostatistics - Experimental Design3Spring KUMC Campus
BIOS 823Introduction to Programming and
Applied Statistics in R
 KUMC Campus
MATH 605Applied Regression Analysis3Fall
MATH 627Probability3Fall
MATH 628Mathematical Theory of Statistics3Spring
MATH 727Probability Theory3Fall
MATH 728Statistical Theory3Spring
STAT 823Intro Programming Appl Stat in R3Fall KUMC Campus
DATA 824Data Science- Data Visual & Acquisition3 


Numerical Methods
Course NumberCourse TitleHoursExtra Info
AE 725Optimization and Structural Design3New Course Offered Infrequently
AE 746Computational Fluid Dynamics3Fall Biannually
BINF 701Bioinformatics I5Fall
BINF 702Bioinformatics II5Spring
CE 861Finite Element Mthds- Solid Mech.3Spring
C&PE 701Mthds of Chem and Petro Calculations3Fall
C&PE 778Optimization of Engineering Systems3Spring
EECS 639Introduction to Scientific Computing3Fall
EECS 739Parallel Scientific Computing3Spring
EECS 781Numerical Analysis I3Fall
EECS 782Numerical Analysis II3Spring
EECS 868Math, Optimization with Applications3Spring
MATH 591Applied Numerical Linear Algebra3Spring Biannually
MATH 882Adv. Numerical Differential Equations3Spring
ME 702Mechanical Engineering Analysis3Fall
ME 788Optimal Estimation3Spring Biannually
ME 861Theory of the Finite Element Method3Fall
ME 862Finite Element Mthd -Transient Analysis3Spring


Biological Sciences

Course NumberCourse TitleHoursExtra Info
ANAT 832Electron Micro Tec3KUMC Campus
ANAT 845Histology2KUMC Campus
BIOL 503Immunology3Fall
BIOL 546Mammalian Physiology4 
BIOL 560Histology3Spring
BIOL 600Intro to Biochemistry3 
BIOL 636Biochemistry I3Fall
BIOL 637Intro Biochemistry Laboratory2Fall
BIOL 638Biochemistry II3Spring
BIOL 639Advanced Biochemistry Laboratory2Spring
BIOL 650Advanced Neurobiology3Spring
BIOL 688Molecular Biology of Cancer3Fall
BIOL 750Advanced Biochemistry3Spring Infrequently
BIOL 752Cell Biology3Fall
BIOL 754Brain Diseases and Neurological Disorders Spring Infrequently
BIOL 755Mechanisms of Development3Spring Infrequently
BIOL 757Carcinogenesis & Cancer Biology3Spring
BIOL 772Gene Expression3Spring
BIOL 841Biometry I3Fall
BIOL 918Biochemical and Biophysical Mthds4Spring
BIOL 943Multivariate Data Analysis3Fall Infrequently
BIOL 952Intro. Molecular Modeling3Fall
MICR 808Immunology3Spring KUMC Campus
MICR 809Tumor Immunology KUMC Campus
MICR 810Molecular Virology & Pathogenesis2Fall KUMC Campus
MICR 820Bact Genes & Pathogens3Spring KUMC Campus
MICR 825Virology3Spring KUMC Campus



All 700 + Engr courses count. Suggested courses include:
Course NumberCourse TitleHoursExtra Info
ADS 560Topics in Design: (must be approved biomedical project)3 
ADS 710Advanced Human Factors in Interaction Design3 
AE 709Structural Composites3Fall Biannually
BIOE 860Adv Bioengineering Problems 1-3 
BIOE 890Special Topics  
CE 710Structural Mechanics3Fall
CE 767Intro to Fracture Mechanics3Spring
C&PE 715Topics in Chem&Petroleum Engr3 
C&PE 732Advanced Transport Phenomena II3Spring
C&PE 751Basic Rheology3Spring Infrequently
C&PE 752Tissue Engineering3Fall Biannually
C&PE 778Applied Optimization Techniques3Spring Biannually
EECS 644Intro Digital Signal Processing3Fall
EECS 730Intro to Bioinformatics3Infrequently
EECS 731Introduction to Data Science3Fall New Course
EECS 738Machine Learning3Spring
EECS 739Parallel Scientific Computing3Spring Biannually
EECS 837Data Mining3Fall
EECS 861Random Signals & Noise3Fall
ME 633Basic Biomechanics3 
ME 722Modeling Dynamics of Mech. Sys.3Fall
ME 750Human Motion Biomechanics3Fall Biannually
ME 751Experimental Biomechanics3Fall Infrequently
ME 753Bone Biomechanics3Spring Infrequently
ME 754Biomedical Imaging3Fall
ME 755Computer Simulation Biomechanics3Biannually
ME 757Biomechanical Systems3Spring Biannually
ME 758Physiological Systems3Spring Biannually
ME 760Biomedical Product Design3Spring
ME 765Biomaterials3Fall
ME 767Molecular Biomimetics3 
ME 790Special Topics3Infrequently
ME 854Continuum Mechanics for Soft Tissues3Infrequently
ME 860Adv. Mechanical Engr. Problems  
ME 890Special Topics3 
ME 990Special Topics3 


Chemistry (Biochem, Pharm Chem, Med Chem)

Course NumberCourse TitleHoursExtra Info
CHEM 510Biological Physical Chemistry3Fall
CHEM 635Instrumental Mthds of Analysis2Spring
CHEM 718Mathematical Mthds in Physical Sciences3Fall
CHEM 720Fundamentals & Mthds Analyt. Chem3Fall
CHEM 740Principles of Organic Reactions3Fall
CHEM 742Spectroscopic Ident of Organic Comp3Summer
CHEM 750Intro to Quantum Mechanics3Fall
CHEM 760Intro to Chemistry in Biology3Fall
CHEM 820Analytical Separations3Fall
CHEM 824Spectrochemical Mthds of Analysis3Infrequently
CHEM 828Bioanalysis3Fall
CHEM 840Physical Organic Chemistry3Spring
CHEM 852Statistical Thermodynamics3Spring
CHEM 856Molecular Spectroscopy3Infrequently
C&PE 725Molecular Cell Biology3 
MDCM 701Biomedicinal Chemistry3Fall
MDCM 790Principles of Drug Design3Spring
PHCH 718Physcl-Chem Prin Solution Dsg Frm3Spring
PHCH 725Pharmaceutical Chemistry-Cellular&Moleculr3 
PHCH 730Biopharmaceutics & Pharmacokinetics3Fall
PHCH 860Principles & Practice in Chem Biol3Fall
PHCH 862Pharmaceutical Equilibrium3Fall
PHCH 870Advanced Pharm Biotechnology4Spring Biannually
PHCH 920Chemical Kinetics2Spring
PHCH 972Drug Stability2-4Spring
PHCH 974Adv Topic: FTIR  
PHCH 974Adv Topic: Vaccines  


Graduate Writing / Elective Courses

Course NumberCourse TitleHoursExtra Info
ME 790Special Topics3Summer
PHCH 705Writing & Communicating Science3Spring
PRVM 868Biomedical Informatics Driven Clinical Research3Fall KUMC Campus
ENTR 701Entrepreneurship3 
ENTR 702Financing Your Own Business3 
ENTR 703Marketing Your Own Business3 
ENTR 704Launching Your Own Business3 
ENTR 850Advanced Entrepreneurship4 


Education / Pedagogy / Teaching Courses

Course NumberCourse TitleHoursExtra Info
EPSY 896Research & Practice College Teaching1-3 
CE 895Advanced Engr Topics: Engr Education I or II3 
JOUR 806College Teaching3 


Life Sciences

Course NumberCourse TitleHoursExtra Info
GSMC 840Clinical Observation for Bioengineers3 
HSES 805Exp and Analysis – Exercise Phys3Fall Biannually
HSES 810Advanced Exercise Physiology3Fall Biannually
HSES 825Skeletal Muscle Physiology3Fall Infrequently
HSES 872Exercise & the Cardiovascular System3Spring Biannually
HSES 910Biochemistry of Exercise3Spring
PHSL 835Integrative Physiology of Exercise3Spring Biannually
PHSL 838Advanced Topics – Fundamentals of Imaging  
PHSL 844Neurophysiology3Spring Biannually
PHSL 846Advanced Neuroscience5Summer
PHSL 848Mol Mechanisms Neurological Disord3Fall Biannually
REHS 862Cell & Molecular Basis of Rehab2Fall
REHS 887Neurorehabilitation3Spring
REHS 970Instrumental Analysis of Human Function3Fall


Some courses outside of engineering may require a permission number from the course department. Contact the professor or the program assistant of that department for a permission number.