The Bioengineering graduate admissions committee nominates applicants for University and School of Engineering scholarships and fellowships based on academic merit and other selection criteria, as specified by the fellowship selection committees.

Self Graduate Fellowship

An elite 4-year fellowship that is exclusive to KU and worth over $200,000. Eligibility is limited to U.S. citizens who are newly admitted or within their first year of doctoral study within one of the 21 eligible stem disciplines, including Bioengineering. Hear what current Self graduate Fellows say or see the Self Graduate Fellowship website for more details.

Graduate Teaching Assistantships (GTAs)

Teaching Assistantships are available and are awarded competitively based on academic qualifications. You do not need a separate application to be considered.

Graduate Research Assistantships (GRAs)

Students work with their potential academic advisor/mentor to obtain a funded position on a research project at the time of matriculation or within the first year.  It is NOT required for prospective students to have KU faculty pledge a GRA position prior to your admission.