Track: Bioimaging

KU Bioengineering Graduate Program

Master of Engineering in Bioengineering

Track:  Bioimaging

Track Director: Xinmai Yang, Ph.D. (

CORE 6 Hours Required
Course NumberCourse Title (Credit Hours)
CPE 756Intro to Bioengineering (3)
BIOE 800Bioengineering Colloquium (.5) (2 total hours req)
BIOE 801Responsible Conduct of Research in Engineering  (1)
DEPTH 9 Hours Minimum
Course NumberCourse Title (Credit Hours)
BIOL 943Multivariate Data Analysis (3)
C&PE 778Applied Optimization Techniques (3)
EECS 639Introduction to Scientific Computing (3)
EECS 644Intro to Digital Signal Processing (3) 
EECS 721RF Engineering/Antennas (3)
EECS 731Introduction to Data Science (3)
EECS 739Parallel Scientific Computing (3)
EECS 740Digital Image Processing (3)
EECS 744Digital Signal Processing (3)
EECS 781Numerical Analysis I (3)
EECS 782Numerical Analysis II (3)
EECS 868Mathematical Optimization with Applications (3)
EECS 869Information Theory and Coding (3)
ME 752Acoustics (3)
ME 754Biomedical Optics (3)
ME 758Physiological Systems (3)
PHSL 801‐8Anatomy and Physiology (1‐4)
PHSL 848 Fundamentals of Biomedical Imaging (3)

Breadth 15 Hours Minimum. See Course List.

1. Math; Statistics; Numerical Methods (1 course min)

2. Sciences (1 course min)

3. Advanced Engineering (1 course min)

Minimum Hours Required for Degree: 30

No more than 3 classes may be taken at the 500‐600 level and counted towards the graduate degree.