Mark Shiflett, Ph.D.

Mark Shiflett
  • -Foundation Distinguished Professor School of Engineering Chemical and Petroleum Engineering Institute for Sustainable Engineering

Contact Info

CEBC, Building A, Office 110F


Associated Tracks

-Biomedical Product Design & Development

Research Interests

  • Development of sustainable products and energy efficient processes
  • Advanced materials for separations (ionic liquids, zeolites, carbons)
  • Gas sorption and physical property measurements, equation of state modeling
  • Reactor design and kinetics of heterogeneous and homogeneous catalysis
  • Desalination processes (clathrates, membranes)
  • Gas expanded lubricants
  • Virtual Experiments for Undergraduate Education​


B.S. in Chemical Engineering, North Carolina State University
M.S. in Chemical Engineering, University of Delaware
Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering, University of Delaware